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Obsessive Care


Your comic books will arrive to you as pristine as can be.

Proper comic handling is necessary. Once in a blue moon things happen while your comics are on their way to us but we make damn sure not one of those things occurs in our care. We take such obsessive care of your comic books you’ll be like “Whoa, guys.. whoa.” A little preemptive “thank you for your order, we appreciate your business” from us.

White Glove Processing is Proper Comic Handling

Before we even touch your comics, we put on white gloves. Skin oil is damaging to comics, so we pop on gloves before we even think of touching your comics.

Acid-Free Bagged & Boarded for free

As soon as we get them they go straight into BCW Archival Bags & Boards.

Nasa Air Quality: Overkill?

The air quality where your comics are stored matters more than you think. We make sure that the air quality in our facility is at the premium comic preservation conditions before we even bring the comics in. Excessive? Maybe. Guaranteed quality comics? You bet.

Dehumidified room: No moldy comics, ever

Nasa-proven air quality: Science!

Frequently Asked Obsessive Care Questions:

Do you actually wear white gloves?

Yep. White as snow. You callin’ me a lair, boy? *spits chaw out*