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Everyone's Local Comic Shop

Everyone's Local Comic Shop

Painfully helpful weekly shopping and subscriptions. In a bitchin' box.

We're stoked about a few things

Re-think comic book storage


Let’s face it: the old-school longbox is efficient, but inelegant. Why store your comics in a coffin, when they deserves a frame? Our premium Comic Cartel Box is a high-quality slipcase that holds twelve comics at a time and lets you highlight your back-issues on a bookshelf instead of burying them in a longbox. Collectors love our Cartel Box because it’s sleek, handmade, and makes storage stylish -- finally.

Subscribe, sit back and relax

Imagine clicking a couple buttons and having your favorite comics show up at your door each month. With bells on. Not only that, but they come pre-bagged & boarded for free. Order at least $50 worth of comics and we’ll throw in our premium Cartel Box absolutely free, too.

We take obsessive care of every order
Bagged and boarded for free

We know you want to keep those beauties looking good, so as soon as we get your comics we slip them straight into BCW Archival Bags & Boards. Every one of them. For free.

We don't touch your comics

Well, without white gloves on at least. Skin oil is damaging to comics and we don’t want to risk it any of that funny business. Yeah, we know we’re a little nuts.

Your comics are our comics

Meaning, we take care of them like they are the last comics in the entire universe. That’s it. Now here’s some filler copy so the length matches with the other two boxes.

Comic Coin™ Rewards

We wanted to reward our customers for being freaking awesome, so we invented the Comic Coin program, a point-based rewards system that allows you to earn sizable discounts for every buck you spend. Every time you complete an order, you earn coins that can redeemed on your next purchase. If you spend $1, that’s 1 coin … and so on. For each 100 coins you get a $5 discount -- and you get 100 coins just for signing up!

100 Coins just for signing up

No BS, that's a free $5 bill.

Fatten your digital wallet

Get one coin for every dollar you spend.

Getting stuff for free rules

Redeem coins for discounts on comics